A downloadable game for Windows

A demo version of Darkera Studio's first independent video game, Jolt: Fully Charged


Made in the image of 16-bit era platformers, Jolt: Fully Charged puts you in control of the titular automaton Jolt and his sparky companion, Cycle, each with a similar, but distinct playstyle. 

In this demo, you'll dash through 1 stage each from the first 3 levels of the game; Acropolis Assault, Lost Lagoon, and Brazen Battery. Each level, pulled from the main game, has been fine-tuned to allow players to ease into the gameplay. 


As stated above, Jolt: Fully Charged is made in the image of 16-bit era platformers, and functions the way you would expect it to. Your goal is to reach the end of each level, defeat the boss, and continue onto the next stage.

Where things differ, however, is Jolt's ability to become intangible and phase through enemies with his signature Bolt Dash. Combined with his wall jump and double jump, the player has many different approaches to situations they'll encounter.

You collect various power ups, such as the Dash Shield, which gives you new abilities such as double-dash, item magnetism, or even the ability to glide. Explore and find them all! (And yes, all powerups are in the demo!)

Features and Coming Soon

Here is what is coming in the launch of the main game:

10+ Large Levels, each with their own challenges.

Fast-paced platforming with an emphasis on aerial control and momentum.

A similar, but distinct, playstyle for all playable characters. (Yes, we said characters.)

Additional gameplay modes, including alternate story modes (complete with playable characters), and a time attack mode unlockable after completing the game!

Jolt: Fully Charged is slated to be released in September of 2018 (Next Month)!

The main game itself is nearly completed. But before we release the game, we want to know what you have to think about it. Are there things that need to be tweaked? Gameplay quirks that need adjusting? Or perhaps there's some nasty glitches that need stamping out before launch?  We want to hear from you! 

Please, enjoy our demo!

Bare Minimum Requirements: 

Operating System:  Windows XP, 7, 10 (Incompatible with Windows 8.1)

Processor: Intel or AMD dual core 2.5GHz 


Hard Drive Space: 1GB

Video Memory: 256 MB's DDR2

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run Jolt_Demo_Version.exe file. The game will NOT run properly if any files are removed from the folder outside of the folder.

Sometimes, anti-virus may stall or prevent the application from running (obviously to check for malicious software). Make sure the game executable is excluded from any anti-virus software checks, or allow the game to be scanned and cleared by the anti-virus software before playing. 


Jolt_Fully_Charged_DEMO.zip 24 MB


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Jolt: Fully Charged is a delight. With its upbeat music, bright color palette, and simple and easy to remember controls, the demo really worked well to show what's to come. While I feel it could use a little polish in some areas, and gamepad support, I definitely like what you've made so far and am curious what the full game will be like whenever it's released.

Good job on this, devs. You made a fun thing and I hope it does well.

Thank you!

Made a video


Dear Spudcats, 

Thank you so much for your let's play of our demo! We loved what we saw and we are planning to take the time to help refine the game to help players better understand the mechanics as well as fine tweak some things. The lead director and myself (the PR manager) was watching your let's play and were fine-tuning it as we speak. 

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide your feedback. If at all possible, the members at Darkera Studios are curious as to if it would be alright if we shared your let's play video across our social media platforms as well as a link to your channel? We're looking for any avenues we can to help increase the outreach of our game as well as improve the final product, which includes supporting content creators wherever we can. 

Please let us know as soon as possible, we want to help you as you have helped us!

Either way, you have our thanks. 

Sincerely, Darkera Studios

We would love it if you shared the video and our channel on your social media. Also we are happy you enjoyed the video and that we could help you refine your game. We wish you the best of luck for your game to become successful and even though it's just a demo it's really promising. 

Really an enjoyable game. Good job in creating the 16-bit look, with maybe a slight improvement in resolution for bigger screens. The sounds are great too with the quality music, sound effects and even the occasional lo-fi speech sample. Playing the game is nice, it's easy to learn the basics, but as usual, you have to learn it well to get farther.

I'd love to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship!


Hello there! 

We would love to hear more about the Game Development World Championship! We're looking any avenues we can to give exposure to our game. If possible, would you be willing to email us the details and how we may submit the game to the contest? 

Okay, I used the form that I found on your home page, I think those work via email.