Bugfixes and More Content Coming Soon!

Hello, automatons! We at Darkera Studios have some interesting news to share about Jolt: Fully Charged's development!

After releasing Jolt: Fully Charged earlier in September, it was brought to our attention that there are still unresolved issues in the game that drastically reduce the quality of the product we have provided. Furthermore, the absence of a save feature, while intentional, serves to only frustrate both the player and potential streamers who wish to play through our game.  These are things that we feel need to be fixed to best provide the experience we were hoping for with our game.

Starting next week, we're beginning the production of a version 1.1 of Jolt: Fully Charged! In addition to bug fixes, we're looking at adding a save system and level select so that players will be able to pick up and put down the game at their own leisure, as well as enjoy the game for all it has to offer. 

Got a bug that needs to be brought to our attention before we begin? Maybe a feature or tweak that should be added to the game's next version? Let us know in the comments below, or fill out a glitch report form at our contact page on our website here or send us an email.

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Wow I'm glad you guys are still working on this game!

Thank you! We're hoping to provide a complete experience to the game with as little problems as possible. 

Be sure to give us feedback if there's something you want us to know!